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Thursday, December 24, 2020

filling up of District coordinator posts orders

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Filling up of District coordinator posts orders

Rc.No.APOSS-13022(37)/2/2018-ADMIN SEC-APOSS Dated:

Sub:-APOSS. Guntur, Amaravati - filling up of District coordinator posts-post particulars-called for -Regarding.
  • 1) G.O.Rt.No.1214 Education (PTOG.II.1) Department, Dated: 12.08.1997
  • 2) Go Ms No:46 Finance Department Dt:30.04.2015 Govt. Memo.No.ESE01 SEDNODOSS (MISC)/12/2019 PROG III. Dated. 13-11 2019 & 27-02-2020
In view of the reference 1st cited, the Government have permitted the School Assistant to work as District Coordinator, APOSS in the O/o the District Educational Officer concerned District on redeployment basis. The salary for the redeployed post shall be drawn from District Educational Officers office establishment itself.

As per Go Ms. No:46 Finance Department Dt:30.04.2015 in Sl. no:36 at Annexure-10 (a) the scale of District Coordinators of APOSS is specially mentioned as 40270-93780. In this regard, all District Educational Officers in the state are hereby requested to submit the following particulars immediately to this office:
  • 1) is there any sanctioned District coordinator post in your District
  • 2) If so, furnish particulars and scale of pay particulars of District coordinator post.
  • 3) If not, please furnish the details of the post and its scale pay from which the pay & allowance are being paid to the school Assistant who is redeployed to work as District coordinator from establishment of District Educational Officer.
Therefore, all District Educational Officers in the state are requested to furnish the above information immediately without fail.

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