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Thursday, January 2, 2020

AMMA VODI Eligibility to Contract Employees /Outsourcing Staff

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Sub:- School Education Department - Jogananna Ammavodi Programme to extend financial help @ Rs. 15,000, per annum to the mothers, who are under Below Poverty Line and send their children to schools from the academic year 2019-20 -Identification of eligible beneficiaries - Certain Instructions -Issued.

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I ) G.O. Ms. No. 79 SE(Prog.11) Dept., dated: 4-11-2019.
2) This Office Proc.Rc.No:242/A&I/2019, dated:16.11.2019.
3) This Office Proc.Rc.No:242/A8.1/2019, dated:22.11.2019.
4) This Office Proc.R9.No:242/A8.1/2019, dated:02.12.2019.
5) This Office Proc.R9.No:242/A8.1/2019, dated:20.12.2019.
6) This Office Proc.Rc.No:242/A8.1/2019, dated:31.12.2019.
In continuation of this office proceedings 2r. to 6. read above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are hereby clarified that the children of Contract employees/outsourcing Staff working in the following offices/schools viz.
I) Samagro Siksha, 2) KGBVs, 3)Model Schools, all type of Welfare Residential Schools and all government/ local body offices/Public sector undertakings, whose Annual income is Rs.1.20,000/- and above in rural areas and whose annual income is Rs.1,44.000/- and above in urban areas i.e towns, cities, etc, are not eligible for Ammvodi program.
Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are requested to identify the Contract Employees/ Outsourcing staff working in the above offices/ schools covered it any and exclude them from the eligible list of beneficiaries in their respective districts and report compliance.
These instructions should be followed scrupulously.

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