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Friday, September 20, 2019

SCERT-No School Bag day- Monitoring by faculty of State Council of Educational Research&Training

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Sub: SCERT-No School Bag day- Monitoring by faculty of State Council of Educational Research & Training- orders –issued- Reg.

1.Proc.RC.No 75/A&1/2019 Commissioner Of School Education dated:21/02/2019
2.oral ministrations of Honorable Education Minister
3.Proc.RC.No 443/B/C&T/SCERT-2019 of Director SCERT  Dated: 07-07-2019                                                                                                                     
All the faculty members of SCERT are informed that No School Bag Day(Srujana-Sanivaram Sandadi) Programme – special initiative is designed and implemented in Primary and Upper Primary Schools to improve the levels of learning of the students by making schooling joyful.       
The main objective of this program is to create a joyful and child-friendly learning atmosphere in all Primary schools. As part of this children have to participate in indifferent creative activities and learn things easily. This helps to motivate the students towards learning         
No School Bag Day (Srujana-Sanivaram Sandadi) is being conducted on 1st and3rd Saturdays every month. The whole day is meant for conduct of creative activities instead of regular classroom teaching. Session wise activities ware designed separately for classes I & II and III to V.

In this connection, all the faculty members of SCERT are deputed to the districts as shown in the list annexed to visit the Primary and Upper Primary Schools on 1st and3rd Saturdays of every month to monitor the implementation of No School Bag DayProgramme. They have to visit 4 Schools preferably 2 Government and 2 Private Schools on each day. The faculty members are requested to follow the guidelines scrupulously.

1. Coordinate with the District Educational Officer in monitoring the program in the allotted district and see that more schools are covered in the district.
2. Be friendly and give required guidance to the teachers.
3. Note down observations immediately.
4. Interact with the Students.
5.If any lapses or problems are there inform the District Educational Officer immediately.
6.Handover the reports in the prescribed format by the succeeding Monday to the Zonal Coordinator.
7. Submit a comprehensive report also depicting the total Picture of implementation of No School Bag Day in the district.

The Zonal Coordinator should consolidate the reports of each district and handover to the state coordinator by extending Wednesday a copy to the DistrictEducational Officer consoled.
The State coordinator should consolidate the reports of all zones and prepare a report along with suggestions in coordination with Zonal coordinators and submit to the director, SCERT by succeeding Friday. The visit proforma, guidelines on No School BagDay Programme and statement of allotment of Districts are annexed.

Download the G.O copy

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