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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

మున్సిపల్ టీచర్స్ కౌన్సిలింగ్ డేట్స్

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మున్సిపల్ టీచర్స్ కౌన్సిలింగ్ డేట్స్
Public Services Teaching Establishment Rajahmundry Region filling up of certain categories of Municipal Teachers through promotions Schedule of Promotions Counseling proposed on 29-08-2019, 30-08-2019 and 31-12-2019 Notice issued Regarding.
In pursuance of the instructions issued in the reference cited above, it is proposed to conduct counseling for Promotions to the SGTs/SAs working in the Corporations / Municipalities of Rajahmundry Region as HMs/School Assistants on 29-08-2019, 30-08-2019 and 31-12-2019as per the following schedule:
Therefore, all the Municipal Commbloners concerned of Rajahmundry Region are hereby requested to serve the notice to all the eligible SGTs/SAs wedding in the ULB as per the list enclosed to this circular, and dire t them to attend the council ng on the above date and time along with filled in op ion form without fail and also requested to give directions to the concerned dealing assistants to attend as the given dates along with connected records without any deviation.

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