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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Ammavodi latest instructions-10-01-2021

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Sub:- School Education -Planning - NAVA ATNALU JaganannaAmmavodi Programme Financial Assistant ofRs.15,OOO/- p r annum to each mother or recognized guardian who is below poverty line household and sending their children to Schools/Colleges i.e., from Classe J to XII (Intermediate Education)- implementation for the academic year 2020- 202J.- Certain Instructions- issued-Reg 


In continuation to this office instruction issued with regard to organizing the launch of Ammavodi In all Assembly constituencies and all schools on 11-01-2021, the following instructions are issued in view of the model code of conduct w.e.f 09-01-2021.

a) The launch of JagannaAmmavodishal1 be organized in all selected schools at the constituency level and in all schools on 11-01-2021. 

b) However with reference to the schools located in the Rural Area no public representative / political leader sho Id be involved. And ensure that only the Headmaster, Teaching & Non-teaching staff along with parents and their children should participate in the said program. 

c) The political leaders &public representatives may participate in the schools located in urban areas for the program. 

d) As part of the launch the headmaster shall explain the objective of Ammavodiand action being taken by government for creating the toilet maintenance fundby duly informing the importance of regular maintenance of school all the parents. 

e) Finally a discussion may be taken u with the Parents for getting the inputs on uniform stitching, the utilisation of orkbooks/Textbooksand motivating them to wear uruforrns, belt & shoes provide under JVK program. Further they may be Informed once on the academic activities taken up by the Government during COVID-19. Therefore the District Collectors, Joint collectors, District Educational officers in the state are requested to ensure that the launch f JagannaAmmavoditakes place within the framework of Model Code of Conduct without violating any provisions therein for smooth conduct of the said launch by duly issuing necessary guidelines to the filed functionaries.

Download the GO Copy && Ammavodi Final List 

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