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Monday, December 21, 2020

Limited Recruitment 2020 Uploading of Vacancies-Certain instructions

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DSC-2018-Limited Recruitment 2020 Uploading of Vacancies-Certain instructions

Sub:- School Education- Limited Recruitment-2020- Uploading of Vacancies-Certain instructions issued- Regarding. 

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1. Govt Memo.ESE01-SED0CSE(RECT)/147/2019-Exams Dt.10.03.2020 

2. Govt Memo.ESE01-SED0CSE(RECT)/24/2020-Exams Dt.16.09.2020

While communicating a copy of Govt memos along with its enclosures to all the District Educational Officers in the state and they are requested to verify the unfilled vacancies in DSC-2018 to the post of School Assistants Except Tel and Hin, SGT(Except Tel), Language Pandits Except Tel and Hin and Music and upload the vacancies in the web link provided and submit the Hardcopies as per the proforma-I to this office immediately.

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