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Sunday, December 13, 2020

latest revised orders on Employees E-SR Completion Guidelines

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latest revised orders on Employees E-SR Completion Guidelines

Sub: - DPH&FW-CFMS-Implementation of Human Capital Management module- filling of service events(SR) in the e-SR module — instructions Reminder-Reg. 


1. G.O.Ms.No.99 (Finance HE-TI-FR) Dept., Dt: 27-06-2018. 

2. D.O.Lr.No.2207/PFS/Peshi, Dt: 31-07-2020 of Principal Secretary to Government, Finance Dept-A.P. 

3. This Office Circular Rc.No.016286/Plg.C/2020, Dt: 06-08-2020. 

4. Lr.No.PAO/COORD/2020-21/50, Dt: 10-09-2020 of PAO, A.P., 

5. This office Rc.No.016286/Plg.C/2020, Dt: 25.09.2020 & 21.10.2020. 

6. G.O.Ms.No.99 Fin (HR-IV FR&LR) Dept., Dt: 03.12.2020.

A copy of the reference 6th cited is herewith enclosed The attention of all the RDM&HS, DM&HOs, Addi, DM&HOs (A&L), District DTBCOs, and District Malaria Officers/Medical Officers of all PHCs all the DDOs are invited to the references 1st to 5th cited, and they are informed that the e-SR entry of all employees should be completed by 31-12-2020, and any delay in the e-SR entry may lead to non-acceptance of pay bills in CFMS. 

Hence personal attention should be bestowed by DDOs in this matter and to see its completion immediately.

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