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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Ammavadi Six-Step Validation Guidelines and proforma

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Ammavadi Six-Step Validation Guidelines and proforma

Ammavadi Six-Step Validation Guidelines - Proforma for Six step Validation - Six-Step Validation Application Steps to follow for Six Step Validation Grievance.

The following supporting documents to be attached :

  • Self Declaration from the Petitioner.
  • Screenshot of the reason shown in the portal.
  • Check-slip.
  • Supporting Documents
1. Electricity:
  • Verify each and every household Aadhar number of the applicant house by using the following link  
  • To check the Electricity consumption for the last 6 months.

2. Four Wheeler: 
  • Mention the vehicle number previously attached to them.
  • Take the proof document from the Transport department whose name is showing on that particular vehicle.
  • Take the proof document (not registered on their names) individually from each member (>18 yrs) of the applicant’s family which is given by the transport department.
3. Land :
  • Take the proof document on each member of the applicant’s family from the concerned Tahsildar.
4. CDMA :
  •  Take the proof document through the ERP website by using their assessment number.
5. Income Tax :
  • Verify each and every member’s income tax returns of the house by using their PAN card in the following link.
  • Submit Form 26A of all individuals in the applicant’s family.

6. Govt Employee :
  • Take the self-declaration from the applicant and check in the DDO website/CFMS website with the help of DDO credentials by using that details are already mentioned in the ineligible category.
To get proforma for Six step validation Click Here
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