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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

10th Class new syllabus English Note book

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10th Class new syllabus English Notebook

As per the new academic year plan, 2020-21 for 10th class, given by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, we have come up with a simple but comprehensive material for third language English, A copy of the new and revised year plan which excludes 4th unit (Films and Theatres) has been inserted. This book has been prepared by expert teachers to cater to the needs of all kinds of students of 10th class. This book includes summaries for all ABC readings of 5 units of revised syllabus and year plan, comprehension passages with answers, and nearly 45 grammar topics with a number of examples on each topic. This book also comprises exercises on creative writing skills. The QR code that contains video lessons and self-assessment online tests by the best teachers across the state given at each topic, will help the students to learn things in an innovative way. Hope this book will help the students immensely to overcome the fear of English and get good marks.

10th Class new syllabus English Note book
Note: There are all the sample notebook for understanding the quality of the notebook(simply means quick check for the quality of the content provided in the textbook) If you download and print the pages you didn't get the proper continuation of the topic because topics cut and merged together for compressing the book size. if you need the full length of the textbooks to contact the publisher of the book you can find the details on the first page of every textbook.

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