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Monday, November 23, 2020

instructions to the special officers on reopening of kgbvs

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Instructions to the special officers on reopening of kgbvs


1. The Special Officers have to prepare their own SOPs pertaining to their KGBVs as per the need and local conditions based on the SOPs of GOI and GOVT of A.P

2. To sanitize all dormitories, classrooms, administrative block, kitchen and dining hall, bathrooms, and toilets.

3. Arrangements to procure rice, provisions, vegetables, milk, eggs, etc., and cooking gas well in advance.

4. To ensure to arrange the beds in the dormitories with 6 feet of physical distance.

5. Avoid morning assembly and assembly has to be conducted in their classrooms including the COVID pledge as part of the assembly.

6. To take up thermal scanning to all staff and students twice a day i.e, Morning, and in the evening.

7. To arrange for a special room for students with symptoms of cough, cold and fever.

8. To inform the part-time doctor to visit and supervise the school students according to the necessity.

9. To procure all required medicines, necessary arrangements are to be made by the ANM.

10.To purchase the essential preventive items like liquid hand wash, Thermal Scanners. The School level purchasing committee has to take action.

11.To ensure the wearing of masks, use of hand wash, and to maintain the physical distance-the teachers have to give instructions to the students.

12.To create awareness among Class leaders/House leaders to inform the class Teacher/ANM if any student falls sick.

13.To inform the parents to attend the school in an emergency, instructions are to be given to House Masters and Class Teachers.

14.To take care of the students two teachers should stay on the campus besides the night watchwomen.

15. "NO MASK-NO ENTRY"- "MAINTAIN PHYSICAL DISTANCE" banners are to be displayed at prominent places like dormitories, classrooms, dining hall, Main gate.

Download the GO Copy Here

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