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Monday, November 30, 2020

AP employees leave rules explanantion

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AP Employees types of leaves and rules explanation briefly

A.P.Leave Rules came into existence w.e.f 4.10.1933. These Leave Rules are applicable to all employees working in the Govt. Offices/Institutions/Societies and Local Bodies including employees workings in the Vacation Department.
kinds of leave
  • 1. Casual Leave.
  • 2. Special Casual Leave
  • 3.Compensatory Leave
  • 4. Earned Leave.
  • 5. Half Pay Leave.
  • 6. Commuted Leave
  • 7. Leave not due.
  • 8. Extra Ordinary Leave.
  • 9. Special Disability Leave.
  • 10. Study Leave.
  • 11. Maternity Leave.
  • 12. Miscarriage/Abortion Leave
  • 13. Hospital Leave.
  • 14.Leave for Hysterectomy Operation
  • 15.Leave for Employment in Abroad
  • 16.Paternity Leave

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