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Monday, December 30, 2019

New year photo frame application

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It is always easy to take a photo of our mobile and always difficult to set it into a particular frame. We have to use either browser or desktop in order to select the picture and fit them into the right size. No worries. We got your back! With Telugu Photo Frames, now you can select any kind of event or festival or occasions frame and insert your picture into it with just a few simple clicks.
Telugu Photo Frames is a photo frames application that lets you take a picture and insert them into the desired frame as per your requirement. “Telugu photo frames” is the only app that has unique designs to select frames from different events, festivals, occasions, and whatnot. Select your frame and insert your picture as you want. You can instantly download the app, choose the photo frame category you want, create it and share it with your friends and family members with just a few single taps. Our main principle is to offer you all the different and the best photo frame designs in the Telugu language with an incredible collection of all the events you want.

How to use this app

▶ Once installed the app opens the app and head over to the “Photo Frames” section.
▶ Select the category you want
▶ Choose the frame you like the most
▶ Chose the photo from your Gallery
▶ Adjust it as to fit the frame size
▶ Go to the sticker section insert sticker into the photo frame
▶ You can also enter the text in English or Telugu with Custom Colors
▶ Once you are done click on the “Tick” icon Your Frame will be saved into your gallery.
▶ Also, can share the image
▶ To view, all your photos with frames go to the My Creations tab and there you go.

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