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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

S.S.C Public Examinations Uniform Action plan for the management of Govt

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Sub: S.S.C Public Examinations, March 2020 - Improvement of S.S.C. results-Uniform Action plan for the management of Govt, Z.P, Municipalities, and Aided Schools Communicated.

The District Educational Officer, Kadapa is pleased to communicate a uniform action plan for all High Schools in the District under the Management of Govt, ZP, Municipal and Aided Institutions to follow the action plan for the results in the S.S.C. public Examinations March-2020.

All the Head Masters are hereby requested to follow the uniform action plan in their Schools and implement the Program Successfully and not to allow any Subject teacher to go on C.L. on the day of their Subject. They are further instructed that severe action will be initiated against those Headmasters who do not follow the action plan enclosed herewith.

The Headmasters are instructed to submit the marks of the students through special messenger to the Deputy Educational Officer concerned in the prescribed Performa enclosed herewith after the completion of each test. For additional model papers and material visit  the web site.

Keeping in view of S.S.C. Public Examinations, March 2020, Important and selected questions may be given due importance for each test.

S.S.C Public Examinations Uniform Action plan for the management of Govt

Action Plan


 SSC Grading Table

SSC Grading Table

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