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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How to download payslip salary-certificate

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Download your monthly payslip salary certificate

Currently, the treasury website is not working for getting your salary slips. If you want to get your monthly payslips you can follow the old method (using your cfms id to get your monthly payrolls).
Don't know your CFMS id please check here get your new CFMS id by below link

Now get back to the payslips if you want your monthly payslip just follow the below steps

  • Login  your CFMS account
  • In expenditure click on the beneficiary statement
  • Enter your  CFMS beneficiary code
  • Enter statement from the date
  • Enter  statement to date
  • Click on display
  • Download CFMS salary credit statement and bill-id

If you want to download your salary certificate in pdf format just see the video,  follow the steps to get your salary certificate

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How to get my cfmsId number

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