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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Clarification regarding Roaster Points

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School Education - SPSR Nellore District -Clarification regarding Roaster Points - Issued
Rc.No.13021/7/2019-EST3 - CSE.  dated.15/10/2019

Clarification regarding Roaster Points

1. Govt.Memo .No.ESE01-13023/1/2018-SER -1-SE ,DEPT .,St.21.06.2019.
2. This Office Proc.Rc.No., dt.21.06.2019,St.05.07.2019
3. Lr. Rc.No.3608/B2/2019,St.01.10.2019 of the District Educational Officer, SPSR Nellore ( Received on 14.10.2019).

In the view of the Circumstances explained by the District Educational Officer,SPSR Nellore in the reference 3rd above,it is informed that,if no qualified and eligible candidate available, the vacancy shall be carried forward as per Rue- 8 of G.O.MS.No.2 Social Welfare (SW.ROR1) Department dated 09-01.2004 and on this issue qualified candidates were promoted, hence carried forward does not arise . This has got the approval of the Commissioner of School Education, AP, Ibrahimpatnam.

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