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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Administrative structure of Samagra Shiksha - Operational Guidelines G.O

Read also:

School Education Department–Samagra Shiksha-Strengthening of District Administration–Revamped the Administrative structure of  Samagra Shiksha–Operational Guidelines framed–Orders–Issued.

Read the following:

1.  GO.Ms.No.143, Panchayat  Raj  &  Rural Development  (RD-1), Dated 09.05.2012,
2.  From the CSE,  A.P and the SPD,  SSA,  AP,  Lr.Rc.No.228/  Estt.II/2017,  Dated:7-08-2019.
3.  G.O.Ms.No.71,  School  Education  (Prog.II)  dt.17.10.2019.
4.  From the SPD,  SSA  e-File  No.SSA-11030/153/2019-ADMIN-SSA, dt.21.10.2019.

The administrative structure of Samagra Shiksha - Operational Guidelines G.O

The government have issued orders vide  G.O.3rd  read above to provide maximum impetus to the functioning of the School Education ecosystem by the synergistic working of Commissioner of School  Education and Samagra Shiksha Society.  The  Government have  revamped  the  system of  functioning of  Samagra Shiksha at  District  level  and changed  the  nomenclature  of  the post  of  Project  Officer,  Sarva  Siksha Abhiyan  as “Additional  Project  Co-ordinator,  Samagra  Shiksha"  and  prescribed  the  criteria  for selection  of  officers  for  posting as Additional  Project Co-ordinators  of Samagra Siksha and  constituted  a  Selection  committee  for  recommending  a  panel  of  officers, to Government  for  issue  of  orders.
2. In the reference 4th read above,  the State  Project Director,  SSA  has requested the  Government to issue operational guidelines in  addition to the guidelines already issued video reference 3rd read above.
3. In  the circumstance  reported  by  the  State Project Director,  SSA  in the reference  4th  read  above,  and  after  careful  examination  of  the  matter,  Government hereby  order  as  follows:
i. The  Project  Officers,  SSA shall henceforth function as  Additional  Project Coordinator,  Samagra  Shiksha and  he shall report to  District  Educational Officer.
ii. The subject of  Samagra Shiksha (Secondary) hitherto dealt by District Educational  Officer directly shall be transferred to Additional  Project Coordinator,  Samagra  Shiksha.  The Additional Project Coordinator shall look after all three subjects i.e.,  Elementary, Secondary and Teacher Education.
iii. All files pertaining to  Samagra Shiksha shall be  put up to the  District Collector through District  Educational Officer and there is no need to circulate them through  Joint  Collector-II except in cases where the District Collector specifically orders for such a  circulation.
iv. All the files, bills, procurement, recruitment and sanctions under Samagra Shiksha shall be put up to  District  Educational Officer and the procurements and sanctions shall be strict as per the guidelines of Samagra Siksha only. v. vi. vii. 4.
v.The  Executive  Engineer,  Samagra Shiksha shall report to the District Educational Officer directly, who shall be responsible for the proper implementation of the civil works in the educational institutions. 
vi. The  District  Educational  Officer shall report to Commissioner of School Education  and also to the  State  Project  Director,  Samagra  Shiksha. 
vii. The  District  Educational Officer and Additional  Project  Coordinator, Samagra Shiksha shall be jointly held responsible for effective implementation of  Samagra  Shiksha and as far as possible, they  shall jointly convene the State level and District level reviews.
4. The Commissioner of School Education,  the State Project  Director, Samagra Shiksha and all the District  Collectors shall take necessary action in the matter accordingly.

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