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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Ananda Vedika Trainings to Primary, Upper Primary and High School teachers

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Ananda Vedika Trainings to Primary, Upper Primary, and High School teachers

In continuation to the orders issued in the reference 2, all the Project Officers of Samagra Shiksha are requested to conduct Ananda Vedika Training programs from 14.10.2019 to 25.10.2019 in 3 to 4 spells covering all Mandals @ 2 days training in each Mandal.

Vide reference 2, DRPs of Primary and Secondary schools are trained on Ananda Vedika Programme at Tirupati and Vijayawada from 11.09.2019 to 25.09.2019 in different spells. The same DRPs from different management should be involved in conducting training in the Mandals to be assigned during the planning meeting.

Regarding this, the following guidelines are to be followed by the Project Officers of SSA without any deviation.

District Planning Meeting

1. Amos should organize one planning meeting with the trained DRPs (old and new DRPs together) of all managements on 11.10.2019
A. Old DRPs – who have undergone 5 days of training at Nagarjuna University + 2 days refresher training program at Viswam School Tirupati.
B. New DRPs – DRPs from different managements who have undergone 3 days training at Tirupati and Vijayawada as per their allotment
2. A planning meeting should be conducted to both Primary and Secondary DRPs on the same day. After general instructions, team formation and allotment of Mandals shall be done separately for each level of DRPs.
3. Based on the number of teams available @ 2 DRPs per team, the total number of Mandals to be covered in each spell should be finalized.
4. For this, the mandals with less number of schools, in which training can be conducted in one batch (batch size 50 to 60) should be considered for 1st, 2nd
and 3rd spells
5. Mandals where schools number is more and require to conduct in 2 or 3 batches, should be trained in the last spells. The services of the DRPs who finish their quota in 1st, 2nd and 3rd spells can be utilized in these mandals, to train the batches in parallel sections simultaneously.
6. AMO SSA should plan in such a way that the Mandal allotment should be from their surrounding Mandals as much as possible. In case of non-availability of DRPs in some of the regions, AMO should ensure judicious allotment of Mandals. Women DRPs may be allotted nearby Mandals on request.
7. After finalizing the Mandal allotment, PO SSA shall issue orders accordingly with clear timelines, spell wise mandals coverage and Mandals allotted to the teams.
8. However, the Training should start from 14.10.2019 and be completed by 25.10.2019 in all Mandals.
9. Each DRP should be given one set of Ananda Vedika Books (L1 & L2 for Primary DRPs and L3 & L4 books for Secondary DRPs) during the planning meeting.
10. Other than trained DRPs, no other person should be appointed to take up training classes in any of the Mandals. This should be strictly followed.
11.AMO can utilize the services of State Resource Persons in their respective Mandals wherever necessary.
12. District level one day planning meeting budget shall be met from the overall budget released to PO SSA, duly paying actual T.A and providing working lunch and refreshments.

Mandal Training

1. Mandal Educational Officers are the Course Directors for Mandal Level Training to both Primary, Upper Primary and High School Teachers.
2. Depending on the timelines issued in the orders by PO SSA, the MEOs concerned should make arrangements for the effective conduct of training
3. Two big halls or Classrooms i.e one for Primary and one for High School training should be kept ready with proper sitting arrangements to the teachers
4. Ananda Vedika Teachers Handbooks should be supplied to all schools before they attend training.
5. Training time tables for primary and secondary teachers are enclosed in annexures 2 a 3.
6. Training of Primary Teachers:
a. Teachers will be trained on L1 and L2 books of Ananda Vedika
b. All teachers from single teacher schools
c. One teacher from 2 Teacher schools (Preferably Head Teacher)
d. 2 Teachers from 3 or above Teachers strength schools

Training of Upper Primary Teachers

a. Teachers handling primary classes will be trained on L1 & L2 and Teachers handling Upper Primary classes will be trained on L3.
b. Primary teachers should attend Primary Training and Teachers handling Upper primary classes should attend High School Trainings as per the same criteria are given above at S.No.4.

Training of High Schoo Teachers

a. Teachers will be trained on L3 and L4 books of Ananda Vedika
b. Teaching staff 1 -10: 2 Teachers of any subject, preferably, teachers handling Ananda Vedika classes now.
c. 2 teachers should be added for every increase of 10 number of teachers.
d. Head Masters attendance to the training is mandatory from each High school, which is additional to the above number.

Teachers from all managements

MEO should take necessary care to invite teachers from the managements like MPP/ZP/Govt./Municipal/Aided/KGBV/APMS/APSWERIES/APTWERIES/A
PREI etc.
Head Masters/ Senior Teacher of the Private School Managements (40% of the total Pvt. schools in the Mandal) should also be invited to the training program.
On request, we shall train Pvt. School staff too with our DRPs with due permissions from the Commissioner of School Education.
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