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Monday, September 16, 2019

YSR pelli kanuka increase to 1lakh

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YSR PELLI KAANUKA Marriage Incentives Enhancement BC/SC/ST/ Minorities  GO 105

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ప్రభుత్వం వివాహ సందర్భంగా పేదింటి ఆడపడుచులకు ఇచ్చే వైఎస్సార్ పెళ్లి కానుక మొత్తాన్ని పెంచుతూ.. సోమవారం జీఓ జారీ చేసింది. ఈ పథకంలో భాగంగా గతంలో ఎస్సీలకు రూ. 40 వేలు ఇస్తుండగా.. తాజాగా ఈ మొత్తాన్ని రూ.లక్షకు పెంచుతూ ఆదేశాలు జారీ చేసింది. అలానే ఎస్సీ, ఎస్టీ కులాంతర వివాహాలను ప్రొత్సాహిస్తూ ఇచ్చే రూ.75 వేల మొత్తాన్ని ఏకంగా రూ.1.20లక్షలకు పెంచింది. గతంలో ఎస్టీలకు ఇచ్చే రూ. 50వేల మొత్తాన్ని.. రూ.లక్షకు, బీసీలకు ఇచ్చే రూ. 35వేలను రూ.50వేలకు, మైనారిటీలకు ఇచ్చే రూ. 50వేలను లక్ష రూపాయలకు, దివ్యాంగులకు ఇచ్చే రూ.లక్షను రూ. 1.50లక్షలకు పెంచుతూ ఉత్తర్వులు జారీ చేసింది. అలానే భవన నిర్మాణ కార్మికులకు ఇచ్చే రూ.20 వేలను లక్ష రూపాయలకు పెంచింది.

YSR PELLI KAANUKA Marriage Incentives Enhancement BC/SC/ST/Minorities. New Marriage Incentive / Help Rates from Government for Marriages under YSR PELLI KAANUKA Scheme. GO 105 SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT – YSR PELLI KAANUKA - Enhancement of Marriage Incentive (Pelli Kanuka) to brides of SC/ST/BC/Minority/ Differently Abled/ BOCWWB categories in implementation of Assurance made in Manifesto - Orders – Issued. SOCIAL WELFARE (EDN) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 105 Dated: 16-09-2019.

YSR PELLI KAANUKA Marriage Incentives Enhancement BC/SC/ST/Minorities GO 105
Read the following: 
  • 1.G.O.Ms.No.45, Social Welfare (Edn) Department, dt:18-04-2018.
  • 2.G.O.Ms.No.98, Social Welfare (Edn) Department, dt:19-08-2019
  • 3. From the OSD to CS, CMO Note No.196/CS-OSD/2019, dt:28-06-2019
  • 4. From the DSW, AP e.file No.SOW02-18026/11/2019-G SEC-COSW
  • In the reference 1st read above, Government has issued orders framing the Policy & Implementation Framework for all Marriage Related Incentive Schemes (MRIS) administered by various Departments of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • 2. The Government acknowledges the need to alleviate the difficulties faced by economically poor SC/ST/BC/Minority/Differently Abled/BOCWWB categories families in the course of fulfilling certain important social responsibilities, in particular, the performance of marriage of girls. Accordingly, an Assurance was given in the Manifesto for enhancement of Marriage Incentive under YSR Pelli Kanuka.
  • 3. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby enhance the Marriage Incentive (Pelli Kanuka) to brides of SC/ST/BC/Minority /Differently Abled/BOCWWB categories under YSR Pelli Kanuka as given below.
Sl. No. Category Existing (in rupees) Enhancement made under YSR Pelli Kaanuka (in rupees)
1 Scheduled Caste 40,000/- 1,00,000/-
2 Scheduled Caste –Intercaste 75,000/- 1,20,000/-
3 Scheduled Tribe 50,000/- 1,00,000/-
4 Scheduled Tribe- Intercaste 75,000/- 1,20,000/-
5 Backward Classes 35,000/- 50,000/-
6 Backward Classes- Intercaste 50,000/- 75,000/-
7 Minorities 50,000/- 1,00,000/-
8 Differently Abled 1,00,000/- 1,50,000/-
9 BOCWWB 20,000/- 1,00,000/-
  • 4. These enhancements of Marriage Incentive (Pelli Kanuka) shall come into force with effect from 2nd April 2020.
  • 5. The Social Welfare/Tribal Welfare/Backward Classes Welfare/Minorities Welfare/ Women, Children, Disabled & Senior Citizens/ Labour Employment Training & Factories/ Municipal Administration & Urban Development / Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Departments shall take necessary action accordingly.
  • 6. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (FMU-Welfare-1) Department, vide their UO No.FIN01-FMU0PC(WEL1)/59/2019, dt:27-08-2019.

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