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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Times Scholars program

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The Times Scholars program is an endeavor to encourage school students of classes X to XII to develop a reading habit that helps them develop a holistic understanding of our society, the environment, and an informed worldview, enabling them to become good citizens and write a better future for themselves.


Students of classes X to XII can apply for this program in two different levels, which are defined below. These levels constitute two categories in which participants will be evaluated.
Level 1 - Students from Classes X and XI
Level 2 - Students of Classes XII
The program is free for all candidates. There is no registration fee
Registration: As a first step, candidates need to register online for the programme.

Reading Phase :

Beginning October 25, The Times of India newspaper will carry ONE article each day, in its print version, across a range of fields such as current affairs, science & technology, sports, politics, social issues, education, global developments, etc. over a span of 50 days. These articles will provide multidimensional perspectives to help students get a deeper understanding of various interesting subjects. The articles will have a label reading TIMES SCHOLARS.

Practice Tests and Presentations :

Weekly practice tests will be conducted online, with questions based on the article. Twice during the program, candidates will be asked to summarize articles and share their view in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, which they can upload on the site. Each practice test will comprise 3 stories, each with 6 questions, to be answered in 15 minutes.
Final Examination : During Dec 21-23, 2019, there would be an online test followed by an interview to assess the students’ understanding & perspective. The test will comprise 11 stories, each with 6 questions, to be answered in 60 minutes.

First Shortlist and Interviews :

The First Shortlist of the program will be decided basis the cumulative score i.e. participation marks in the practice tests and presentations + marks achieved in the final examination. The best performers, in terms of the cumulative score, will need to appear for an interview in person.

Winners and felicitation :

For each of the two levels (as mentioned in the Eligibility criteria mentioned earlier), 100 winners will be chosen as winners. A select number will be invited to a felicitation ceremony whose details will be communicated later.

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