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Thursday, September 12, 2019


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Salary Accounts under SGSP  a gamut of privileges and other value-added services to the employees of State  Government,  Union Territories, and their Boards/Corporations.  Salary Accounts under this package are available in four variants,  namely  Silver,  Gold,  Diamond, and Platinum depending on the designation of the personnel.

Benefits to the Employer 

  • A convenient way  to  manage  salaries  across  a  large  number  of  centers  through Core  Power  and  the  Bank's  award-winning  Corporate  Internet  Banking
  • Reduces  employer's  paperwork  and  salary  administration  cost
  • No charges  for  uploading  of  salaries 
  • Employees  receive  instant  credit  of  salaries

The benefit to the Employee   

  • The convenience of  Anywhere  Banking  at
  • The  largest  network  of  more  than  16,000  Core  Banking  Branches
  • Extensive alternative channels.
  • 53,000  plus  ATMs  of  State  Bank  Group
  • Free  Internet  Banking,  Mobile  Banking

The complete gamut of Banking Services including:- 

  • Unique  Lifetime  Account  Number
  • Zero  Balance  Account  facility  with  no  penal  charges  for nonmaintenance of  minimum  balance
  • Auto  sweep  (in  &  out)  facility  (on  request)-Surplus  amount  in  Savings  bank account  beyond  threshold  balance  is  transferred  automatically  into  Term Deposits  (multi-option  deposits)  in  multiple  of  Rs.1000/-  and  vice  versa
  • Facility  for    Auto  Sweep  Switch  On/Off  through  Internet  Banking
  • Free  Personal  Accident  Insurance  (Death)  Cover  to  Primary  Salary Package  Account*
  • Free personalized  Multi  City  Cheques
  • Free  Core  Power: Anywhere banking facility with the widest network of more than  16,000  branches.  Free updating of pass-books at any branch. 
  • Easy overdraft up to  2  months' salary repayable within  6  months*
  • SMS Alerts
  • Free  Debit  Cards: Domestic cards for  Silver  Accounts,  Gold Debit cards for Gold and Diamond Accounts and Platinum  Debit Card for Platinum Accounts. 
  • Maximum daily withdrawal of  Rs.  40,000  on  Domestic  Cards,  Rs.  50,000  on Gold Cards and Rs.  1,00,000  on  Platinum  Cards.
  • Various  Personal  loans  like  Home  loan/  Auto  loan/  Xpress  Credit  loan,  etc.  at attractive  terms
  • The Demat facility,  3-in  1  Trading  Account  available
  • Systematic  Investment Plan in Mutual funds.
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