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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Additional Guidelines for Parent Committee Elections 2019

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Additional Guidelines:

In continuation of the proceedings Issued, the following guidelines/clarification are also being issued regarding Parent Committee election 2019:
•New admissions: The parent/guardian of the child who is enrolled in or are 15.09.2019 (the date of declaration of Parent Committee election schedule) In the school ls not eligible to participate in the election.
•Chairperson: Guardian cannot be elected as chairman In case any of the parent members of that child is alive. The HM concerned will be held responsible in such cases if any.
•Parents in neighboring states: The parents belong to neighboring states such as Orissa whereas the students are studying in the schools of our state are also eligible to participate in Parent Committee election as per the norms.

•Quorum: Class wise election will take place and the quorum Is to be observed class wise only.

•Financial assistance: The actual expenditure incurred will be reimbursed by State Project Office, APSSA subject to the submission of original bills by the end of September 2019, where the MEOs organized orientation meetings on Parents Committee elections and any other related expenditure.

•Convener: The elections will be conducted by the concerned headmaster or In-charge teacher where there is no headteacher. In GPS schools CRTs
working on a contract basis as head of the school may act as conveners.

•Uploading of data: n case of weak signal, the data with regard to Parents Committee election and meeting to be uploaded in the network area by the supporting functionaries.

•There should not be any deviations from the guidelines regarding the Parent Committee election.

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