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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ap Employes payslip-salary slip

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Have known your pay particulars-monthly salary slip of every month with gross, deductions and net paid amount with stats. In the treasury, the website will show all months of your payment details on a single page. it a little bit messy and muddle while it's seeing. in case if you want to wrap some particular month payslip it a little bit difficult to add all those your basic pay, hra, da ..etc and another thing if you want to download your payslip just take a print out but it's combining all months in a single page. so all these hectic problems to avoid the Ebadi team come into existence and find out the solution for ap employees' salary slip, payslip. this is the following steps to get monthly payslips with calculations and additionally Download pdf option also provided.

Ap Employes payslip-salary slip

Ap teachers payslips


  • You will get monthly payslip with neat visualization.
  • Showed in a Tabular format with Total Gross, Deductions and net amount.
  • You can download pdf file your month payslip.

Steps to Download your monthly payslip

Step1: Go the website and search link like (your salary with treasury id), if you will not get I will share the official link end of my article.
Step2: After that enter your 7 digit treasury id and select the month option in the dropdown box(which one you want) and click on get details button, within few seconds you will get your monthly stats to report with gross, deductions, net amount.
Step3: if you want to download the monthly pay particulars repost click on Download salary slip option.

    Check your payslip server-1
    NOTE: Currently Treasury website is not working, we are regret for sharing this information, but our team is designed for another software for getting your salaries you can simply enter your payment details then you will get your payslip for the desired month

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    ebadi site is very useful

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    Thank you for the compliment Mr.Nageswararao. Subscribe to get all updates from GeneralIssues and Ebadi team aslo. Thnak you